Hair Transplantation/Neograft … [Read more...]

Hair Transplantation is here! In Winchester!

We are so very happy to bring hair transplantation to Winchester.  This minimally invasive treatment is done in one day, under local anesthesia, with little to no down-time.  No scalpel. No stitches.  No linear scar.  Give us a call for your consultation with Dr. Karen at no cost.  … [Read more...]

Botox For Men…

According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, about 15 percent of all cosmetic procedures performed in the United States in 2015 were on men — that is almost 1 million cosmetic procedures. The number of cosmetic procedures for men increased by 106% since 1997.  Now more than ever, … [Read more...]

Looking for a Quick Procedure??

Contrary to popular belief, summer time is a great time to do a quick little procedure that can takes years off your face.  Our Precision TX Laser Lift is a minimally invasive procedure that can have you back out in the sun in as little as a few days.  Eyelid surgery is another great surgery that … [Read more...]

Restore Youth Back Into Your Face

As we age, we lose collagen in our face.  This collagen loss results in a sunken in, tired appearance to your face.  There's no need to look tired and older than you are!  Exclusively Faces Cosmetic Surgery and Medispa is proud to offer Sculptra Aesthetic.  Sculptra Aesthetic is a poly-L-lactic acid … [Read more...]