Is There an Effective Treatment for Cellulite?


There are many products on the market that claim to treat cellulite, but virtually none of them do so effectively.

This is because cellulite is a structural defect of the skin than cannot be permanently addressed with creams or even laser devices.

However, Cellulaze is the only FDA-approved device to effectively treat cellulite.

  1. Does It Really Work on Cellulite? From our experience and reviews from real patients online, yes. Patients in our office who have undergone the treatment said it was definitely worth it. Check out before and after photos to see for yourself!
  2. How Does Cellulaze Work? After numbing the area, a small laser tube is inserted under a patient’s skin. The laser heats up to melt lumpy pockets of fat, then cuts through the fiber bands that pull the skin and cause dimples. The laser then heats the skin to trigger new collagen growth, leading to better elasticity and thickness.
  3. What Are the Expected Results? Patients can expect the disappearance of cellulite spots almost immediately, and Cellulaze has shown results further improve over the following six to 12 months.
  4. How Many Treatments Do You Need? Is it permanent? Scoring points as a “one and done” procedure, Clinical studies have shown one Cellulaze treatment can keep cellulite spots at bay for a year or more.
  5. Will It Hurt, and What Is the Recovery Time? The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, patients might feel some pinching with the numbing and some movement with the laser. Patients are said to be able to return to normal activities in one or two days, but may experience immediate light bruising and swelling to the treated area.
  6. Who Is a Good Candidate? Cellulaze has the best results for people who are not significantly overweight, but who have moderate cellulite on their thighs, buttocks and hips.