Fractora: The Insanely Effective Treatment That Nobody Is Talking About

Fractora VA

For some, acne can be a nightmare. While many of us have been told by our parents that acne will naturally clear up by the time we hit our 20s, this simply isn’t true for some.

Sometimes, acne stays when you’re an adult, and refuses to go away even when you hit it with the whole suite of nuclear options ranging up to Accutane.

So when Megan Mcintyre of Fashionista heard that Fractora could clear up her acne, she was skeptical to say the least. Here’s her story.

Not Even Accutane Worked

At 34, Mcintyre was still fighting moderate acne that had started in her teens. The problem was, none of the treatment she tried gave results that were permanent.

Because of her position, she had great access to the suite of possible treatments–including Accutane, which was not only tough on her but only lasted for two months. That’s when a plastic surgeon informed her about Fractora.

She decided to give it a try, despite her skepticism.

Her Results?

Fractora is something of a combination of the energy based treatments that deliver energy pulses to the skin (it’s radiofrequency based) and microneedling treatments.

The tiny needles puncture your face, and then the radiofrequency pulses are delivered to your face in pulses with selectable depth and energy levels.

Amazingly, acne was just one target of Fractora, and not necessarily the aim of the treatment. It’s in fact surprising that Fractora can affect active breakouts, because microneedling treatments alone tend to exacerbate acne.

The RF energy pulses, however, prevent this from happening — causing enough collagen and elastin production to prevent a breakout and start remodeling the face.

By her second treatment, Mcintyre was amazed to find that her face had almost completely cleared up — after the fourth week.

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