For ‘Hands Free’ Body Contouring, BTL Vanquish ME is the Winner

BTL Vanguish ME

According to a new peer review study published in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology (JDD), BTL Vanquish ME proved more cost effective and capable of removing more fat than two other “hands free” noninvasive body contouring devices.

Director of Clinical at BTL Aesthetics Thomas Boleslavsky is proud of the results. “We are excited to see this review published,” Boleslavsky said. “As it shows that BTL Vanquish ME satisfies body sculpting patients’ needs: Efficacy and speed in fat removal and cost efficiencies.

Boleslavsky also wanted to mention that their product is not only better but costs less than everybody else. After calculating the cost of fat removal per ounce, he said BTL Vanquish ME is “$78/ounce compared to nearly $1K for our competitors.”

The treatment is FDA-approved for the circumferential reduction of the abdomen and thighs.

Here are three points that separate it from the rest.

Firstly, BTL Vanquish ME removes fat three-five times faster, per treatment regimen than other competitors. It kills fat cells through a process called apoptosis. This cleanse of fat cells stimulates a natural slimming of the abs, tummy, love handles and now thighs.

The report found a speed coverage for this (simply the rate at which the device can treat a spot size) was 11.7 cm2/min for the abdomen and 7.3 cm2/min for thighs. Compare that to the score of Cryolipolysis which is below 1.1.

Next, this unique treatment has the largest spot size on the market. The BTL Vanquish ME’s contactless panel treats an incredibly broad area. How broad? Up to 33 times more coverage than anything else, studies prove.

Speaking of that contactless panel, with that comes no pain. There are also almost no side effects. The JDD report found consistent pain for patients when it came to the 1060 diode and Cryolipolysis.