3 Injection Rhinoplasty Facts You Should Definitely Know

Injection Rhinoplasty Virginia

Injection rhinoplasty in Virginia. Is such a thing even possible? Short answer: It is now. And if you guessed the non-surgical nose job was all filler magic, then you’d be right.

But how can adding dermal filler make your nose look smaller? Is it wizardry? Is it actually getting smaller? Well, no. You can’t add filler and make things smaller. But to all appearances, it looks smaller, and when the treatment is cosmetic, that’s what matters, right?

Here are some fast facts about the procedure.

The Procedure Can Be Permanent

Fillers are a temporary deal. They require frequent maintenance and re-injections. This is both their beauty and their curse — they’re an eminently safe procedure, but for people who want to do it and be done with it that maintenance can be annoying.

With the injectable nose job, you have the choice of more permanency by switching to Bellafill after first using a temporary filler made of hyaluronic acid. While this might seem like a big step, consider how permanent a surgical nose job would be.

Injection Rhinoplasty Does Have Risks

We associate filler with safe, but the nose is delicate. The nose has a limited blood supply  this makes it particularly fragile.

That’s why you have to be very careful in choosing your physician for injection rhinoplasty.

The Nose Bump Conundrum

The non-surgical rhinoplasty works best for those trying to smooth out a bump on the bridge of their nose. Many people find this unaesthetic, and, size or not, find that it hurts the symmetry of their face.

These are the ideal candidates for this type of procedure. Health-wise, fillers tend to be a little more inclusive than other cosmetic procedures  certainly more inclusive than cosmetic surgery.

Some candidates will find their aesthetic needs match the non-surgical nose job more than others, but many applicants can rest assured that it is an easy and eminently painless procedure.

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