Bad Nose Jobs + Why It’s Important to See the Right Surgeon

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Due to its prominent position in the center of the face, the nose can significantly impact an individual’s appearance. Many patients seek nose jobs, aka a Rhinoplasty, to modify nasal size, shape, and symmetry and improve their looks.

However, this procedure should only be performed by a highly-skilled and experienced board-certified plastic surgeon.

Here’s what can happen if a nose job is left in the hands of an untrained provider and how you can find a plastic surgeon with rhinoplasty expertise.

When Nose Jobs Go Wrong

If patients do not take the necessary steps to find a skilled surgeon for their rhinoplasty, they could face several adverse outcomes.

Overfilling the bone can result in a scooped-out bridge and a feminine look in male patients. Inexperienced surgeons may also remove too much cartilage from the nasal tip, which could cause the nose to collapse.

Additionally, functional issues such as impaired breathing, nerve damage, and infection are other risks that patients should be aware of.

How to Find a Qualified Plastic Surgeon to Perform Your Surgery

The first step to connecting with an experienced surgeon is to do your research and ensure that the physician is board-certified in plastic surgery. Rhinoplasty specialists are often board-certified in ENT as well.

Next, schedule an in-person consultation to discuss your aesthetic and functional reasons for wanting a nose job. This meeting should allow for an open and honest discussion about the benefits, risks, and expected results from your surgery.

During this appointment, you may also be evaluated with a physical exam and imaging of your nose.

Ask for Before and After Photos

To assess the surgeon’s aesthetic expertise and technical skills, patients should review multiple before and after photos. Most plastic surgeons are proud to share their work, while respecting patient privacy, and feature pre- and post-operative pictures on their website and in their office.

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Speak to Current Rhinoplasty Patients

Many practices will facilitate communication between prospective and existing patients to provide first-hand information about their rhinoplasty experience and results.

To schedule your rhinoplasty consultation with a highly-skilled and experienced plastic surgeon, please call our office today.