Chemical Peels

As people age, the face is affected by various forces of nature. Chronic sun exposure prematurely wrinkles the skin. The skin’s chemical structure is also altered resulting in pre-cancerous changes. In order to rejuvenate the skin, the outer layers need to be removed and the underlying layers rearranged to create new appearing skin.

By placing chemicals on the skin, a superficial removal of outer skin layers can allow regeneration of new healthy skin. There are three types of peels that can be performed. A superficial peel removes the outermost layer of skin. As the peels increasingly penetrate to deeper layers a more complete removal of fine wrinkles can occur. For very fine wrinkles a superficial peel will achieve the desired result. As the skin becomes more weather beaten, a deeper peel is needed to smooth the skin. A graded approach to wrinkles is individualized for each patient.


Peels are performed in our office operating room. Superficial and medium depth peels can be applied to the desired regions of the face without much discomfort. A mild sedative can most times relieve any anxiety or discomfort. Deep peels are performed under intravenous sedation and can take 1.5 hours to perform. It is performed on healthy individuals.

Patients need to be monitored and fully hydrated. After all peels an immediate intense burning sensation occurs, but subsides after approximately 5 minutes. An electric hand held fan provides relief. Deeper peels will begin to burn again after 3-5 hours. Pain medicine is prescribed.


Risks are few and depend upon the type of peel the patient receives and the individual skin type of the patient. They can be discussed at the patient’s private consultation.


Your overall expectations and results will vary depending on the type of peel administered to the patient.

Post Treatment Instructions

After the face is peeled, it will swell and turn red. The outer layers of skin will crust and weep. A&D ointment should be applied continuously to the areas. Warm showers will help remove the crusts. In 5-7 days new skin will form and patients can begin to wear make-up upon Dr. Karen’s approval. The redness will fade in 3-6 weeks. Your skin will be rejuvenated. You will need to stay out of the sun and wear sunscreen at all times.