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Clear-+-Brilliant-LogoYou spend a lot of time and energy making sure you look your best. If you’re battling the visible effects that aging can have on your skin, or trying to address it before the battle even starts, Clear + Brilliant can help. Safe, non-surgical and non-invasive, Clear + Brilliant is a powerful treatment you can easily add to your regimen to keep your skin looking its youthful best. Offered exclusively through licensed skin care professionals, Clear + Brilliant is proven to help improve tone, texture and pore size appearance. You’ll see and feel the difference; smoother skin that will make you look and feel great.

With simple, gentle laser treatments provided by your licensed skin care professional, you can help prevent the visible signs of aging and the overall dulling effects time and the environment can have on your skin. One 10 to 20-minute Clear + Brilliant session helps improve your skin’s tone and texture, leaving it feeling smoother and younger. Giving you that “radiant glow” that comes from healthy, youthful skin, Clear + Brilliant creates a more even skin canvas, with a reduction in the appearance of pores. Routine treatments deliver lasting results that can keep you looking younger for years to come.

Clear + Brilliant was developed by Solta Medical – the pioneers of fractional laser treatments with a proven history of nearly a million treatments. The Clear + Brilliant system is designed to deliver powerfully precise laser energy to stimulate a refreshing boost to your skin. Clear + Brilliant was not only designed to be effective, but also to be safe and comfortable. The system includes smart-tip technology and an advanced precision energy delivery system – ensuring consistent results with little or no social downtime.

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Clear + Brilliant Perméa Goes The Extra Step
With Clear + Brilliant Perméa, topical skin care products work harder for you. The Perméa treatment enhances skin permeability, increasing the benefits of topical skin care products immediately after treatment, and giving you even greater uniform tone, boosted radiance and enhanced overall appearance.

Procedure Description

A typical 30-minute session begins with the application of a topical numbing cream to your face prior to treatment, in order to provide additional comfort. Your skin care professional will then gently guide the Clear + Brilliant handpiece across the target area and actively treat your skin for approximately 15 minutes. Using the patented Intelligent Optical Tracking™ System (IOTS™), your aesthetician ensures that proper contact with your skin is maintained and that treatment is uniformly applied. With Clear + Brilliant Perméa treatments, a topical antioxidant serum will be applied to the skin immediately after treatment. A refreshing biocellulose masque may also be applied for 10-15 minutes after treatment.


Clear + Brilliant is safe for all skin types but some side effects may occur. Your treatment provider will perform a pre-treatment consultation and decide with you if Clear + Brilliant is the right choice for you. People with certain skin conditions should not receive treatments. Please consult with your specialist if you have any questions. Potential side effects include prolonged redness, swelling, blistering, scarring, infection, pigmentary changes (hyperpigmentation), herpes reactivation and acne flare-up.


There’s no question that Clear + Brilliant delivers real results. In clinical studies, Clear + Brilliant helped refresh skin tone and texture. Time after time, Clear + Brilliant patients reported “looking and feeling younger” and rediscovering their skin’s natural “radiance and smoothness”. For our patients, these are the kind of results that speak volumes. You can expect to see visible improvements after 4-6 treatments, although many patients choose to have routine treatments as part of their overall skin care regimen. Your skin care provider will discuss a personalized treatment regimen with you.

Anyone can benefit from Clear + Brilliant treatments. However, if you are seeking a dramatic correction, there are alternative options such as Fraxel® or Thermage® that may be a better fit. But if you don’t need much correction, have always taken the basic steps to keep your skin looking its best, and you like the way you look now, Clear + Brilliant can help keep your skin looking its youthful, radiant best.


Post Treatment Instructions

Clear + Brilliant has few side effects, so patients can resume their normal skin care regimen immediately following treatment.


Clear + Brilliant is a trademark of Solta Medical, a division of Valeant Pharmaceuticals North America, LLC.