Eyelash Extensions

eyelash-extension-virginiaIf applying fake eyelashes every day is too much of an imposition in your daily routine, you might be in the market for eyelash extensions — a treatment that can give you those old school, fluttery eyes you’ve always wanted.

What Are They Exactly?

Eyelash extensions — sometimes just called lash extensions — are exactly what they sound like. The lashes are applied over two hours, one at a time to your real lashes using a semi-permanent glue customized to match your body and its sensitivities.

The length and thickness of the lashes depends on your own natural lashes. So, of course, there are limits on what can be naturally added if you have shorter lashes.

To that end, however, patients are advised to get shorter extensions added and simply add on more later if they want more.

How Long Do Lash Extensions Last? And More

They last about 6 to 8 weeks — the length of one lash cycle — although patients are advised to get them touched up at about the halfway mark.

This is because extensions aren’t meant to be a permanent solution. You might consider getting them in the run-up to special events — a wedding, perhaps, or any occasion where you want to look especially nice. The nice part is that with extensions, patients probably won’t have to worry about applying mascara on the special day.

Besides that, patients should know that there are different types of lashes. Please consult our expert to see which extensions are right for you.

After the treatment, patients should avoid having their face wet in any way for about 24-48 hours. That means avoiding the serious workout, not going for a swim, and even not washing the face.

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