microblading virginiaMicroblading? It sounds like something straight out of a movie, but you’d be surprised to know that it not only exists — it’s also probably not what you expect.

It’s actually a form of tattooing.

Whaaat? Tattooing?

That’s right. Microblading is a tattooing technique to make your eyebrows look thicker.

If you’ve tried every other method out there to thicken up your eyebrows in an attempt to change the framing of your face, microblading is the chic, popular technique being used to achieve that eyebrow look — without actually having to affect the follicles of the hair.

It’s not quite like regular tattooing. A manual tool is used to implant pigment under your skin, but not quite as deep as regular tattoos. An aesthetician will manually draw strokes to look like hair — giving you the appearance of fuller, bushier eyebrows.

The process is fairly in-depth, with the whole procedure taking up to two hours. After all, it needs to be done just right.

What should I know about the treatment?

For one thing, stop using anything that thins the blood. This includes aspirin or retinol.

Second, if you’re worried about the pain factor, know that it’s eminently manageable — it feels like little scratches. And the doctor will prep your face with numbing cream beforehand.

Besides that, patients should know how to take care of their face after the procedure. Most important is to avoid moisture. No workouts that’ll leave your face looking like Niagara Falls, and, tough as it might be, don’t wash your face with water either.

During the first week, if you’re experiencing itching, Vaseline is fine to alleviate the itch.

When assessing results, know that the eyebrows will look 30-40 percent darker at first but that the colors will fade. Patients will need to come up for touchups every half a year or so.

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