image_1243876090_69461800d-300x199Do you wish you could wear your hair shorter or away from your face? But you feel you need to arrange your hair to cover your ears? Cosmetic ear surgery (otoplasty) may be an option for you. Otoplasty is performed when the ears are misshapen, oversized or protrude too far from the head. Often this problem is noticeable during early childhood and can be a cause for emotional stress.

Otoplasty may be performed as early as six years of age. When a child reaches six, the ear is 90 to 95 percent of its adult size. Adults often have this surgery as well, especially when hairstyling exposes the ears.

What Can I Expect?

Under general anesthesia (for children) or local anesthesia with sedation (for adults), the ears can be successfully repositioned. Incisions are hidden behind the ear.

While various techniques can be utilized, Dr. Karen routinely uses permanent sutures to reshape and pin back the ear cartilage. Occasionally, Dr. Karen needs to remove excessive cartilage. Once the ears are repositioned, a dressing is applied to the head to keep the ears from moving.

Risks are few and include bleeding, infection and slight asymmetries. Overall, patients experience little post-surgical discomfort.

Guidelines for After Surgery

The surgical dressing is left on for four to five days. On the fifth day the dressing is removed and a headband is then used over the ears at night to prevent them from folding. Patients are prescribed antibiotics and pain medicine.

Is This Right for Me?

Every person is different. The best way to find out if this procedure is right for you is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Karen.

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