Rhinoplasty Facts That Will Change What You Know About the Nose


It comes as a surprise to most people that surgical rhinoplasty is actually the third most common cosmetic surgical procedure–right after breast augmentation and liposuction.

Why Rhinoplasties?

Rhinoplasties, or nose jobs, might seem a bit obscure. Something only the stars would want, perhaps. It seems like of all the things to change about oneself, appearance wise, the nose might not top out the list.

But actually, the tiniest change in the appearance of the nose can have a huge effect on your face. It determines the midline of your face, and the overall symmetry.

It can mean the difference between an unbalanced and a well-balanced face. More so, getting a rhinoplasty can have a dramatic but subtle effect–one that totally changes the impression you give without hinting to others that you received cosmetic surgery.

But What Would I Change About My Face Exactly?

If a patient is interested in a rhinoplasty, they would do well to research what options they have with the procedure.

For example, a patient may decide to reshape their nasal bridge, as some patients have noticeable bumps on their bridge.

Other patients might feel that their nose has too large a width, and have it reduced.

Meanwhile, minor changes might be applied to the nasal tip or the nostrils — a subtle change that can change the overall impression of the nose.

Patients opting for the procedure can also choose between open and closed rhinoplasties. While an open rhinoplasty is more invasive, it allows a surgeon more precision in their performance of the procedure.

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your nose, you might consider a rhinoplasty. Of course, it’s important to talk with a surgeon, not only to have realistic expectations, but to let them know exactly what you want — and so that you can understand how slight changes in the procedure might affect your overall appearance.

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