Dr Karen and his staff are professional and always on the cutting edge of their profession. The moment you walk through the door you are treated with smiling faces and an eagerness to meet all of your specific needs.  I encourage anyone, male or female, wanting to feel refreshed and to be the best you can be to contact this facility. I assure you that you will visit time and time again. – Lee
After years of sun exposure and more than my share of skin cancers, I was lucky enough to find Dr. Karen when I came to Winchester. Along with close monitoring of my skin for any new potential cancers, I take advantage of any options to repair and/or minimize the damage to my skin. I routinely get Clear and Brilliant treatments from Dr. Karen and his staff, specifically Kerry Hellwig and I have been amazed at the results combined with the skin care regimen using ZO Skin Health. Today I had my first HydraFacial and was lucky enough to also get to meet Dr. Karen’s newest team member, Master Esthetician, Sydney Ritchie. She is amazing and the HydraFacial is now on my schedule for routine skincare. If you haven’t tried the Clear & Brilliant or the HydraFacial, please do. You won’t be disappointed. Congrats Dr. Karen on your excellent team. –  Kelli V.

I am 55 years old and have been getting the HydaFacials for the past six months, from Rita at Exclusively Faces.  Since I have been getting them, I have had old classmates, friends I haven’t seen in years telling me I look great.  I caught my 34 year old daughter staring at me one day and asked her why?  She said my skin is beautiful and glowing, and she can only hope that at my age she looks as good.  After a treatment my skin feels so clean, and fresh.  I see less wrinkles, my dark spots have disappeared and my skin now glows.  I use to wear foundation and have now switched to a translucent mineral powder.  Thanks to the staff at Exclusively Faces Medispa. – Sandy


In 2002 I felt old. I looked into the mirror and thought I do not feel as old as the image the mirror reflects. I heard the commercial aired by Dr. Karen giving free consultations. I decided I needed to go to see if something could be done to make me look as young as I felt. It was one of the best decisions that I ever made. With the advice of Dr. Karen, I had my eye lids lifter and what a difference! It wasn’t dramatic, but it was a subtle change that made me look more alert and not as tired. Since then I started with Botox injections and now I look and feel so much better. As they say, you only go through life once. Now, thanks to Dr. Karen and his wonderful staff, I love looking as young as I feel. At my 35th class reunion, everyone commented on how great I looked – It was like I never aged! Thank you so much Dr. Karen. – Pat


Thanks so much to everyone at Exclusively Faces for all you have done for me – Donna


I can’t say enough about Dr. Matthew Karen. I am 58 years old and had been contemplating blephroplasty surgery for many, many years due to the condition “ptosis” which is now a word in my vocabulary. My upper eyelids began to droop to an intolerable point, impairing my vision. When returning home from a day’s work, I was exhausted. Not from my job, but from working to hold my eyes open. I did not “interview” a number of plastic surgeons, but rather streamlined the process by calling my general surgeon for his advice. He highly recommended, without reservation, Dr. Matthew Karen. The rest is history! The procedure went beautifully thanks to Dr. Karen and his office staff. The results are exactly what I was hoping for. Dr. Karen is passionate about his profession, and he has my heartfelt thanks. – MVS


Thanks for everything you have done for me. It lets me know you think of me as a person and not just a one-shot project. Also, thanks so much for a job well done. I know it wasn’t an easy one! – Jerry


My cosmetic facial surgical experience, in 2005, was a positive one from beginning to end. Dr. Karen and his staff made me feel comfortable with their expert knowledge and professionalism. I am always given pleasant, friendly greeting and confidentiality is respected. I have always received an answer to my many questions to help prepare me for the surgical experience, healing process and desired results. I put my trust in Dr. Karen and his expert hands. I am definitely pleased with the surgery and the successful results that are reflected back to me everyday. Also, Botox injections do wonders for specific areas and Dr. Karen is expertly smooth with a needle. I highly recommend Dr. Karen and his staff to sculpt and nurture your individual cosmetic procedure and uplift your self esteem. – Anonymous

Thanks so much for the potted plant. It lets me know you think of me as a person and not just a one-shot project. Also, thanks so much for a job well done. I know it wasn’t an easy one! – Jerry


Just wanted to say again how much I appreciate your kindness during my recovery and most importantly my new eyes! – Tammy


Ever since I was in my early 20’s, I have always expressed that the one thing I disliked the most about my looks are the bags under my eyes, inherited by my father. Now that I am in my 40’s this has progressively become an issue so I decided to have them removed. On February 20, 2007 Dr. Karen did a Lower Blephroplasty and Chemical Peel. During this procedure Dr. Karen and his staff made me feel very comfortable and treated me with the utmost respect. Three weeks later I can honestly state that I am extremely pleased with the results, most of my family and friends have stated to me “You look years younger” which was not my concern but certainly sounds wonderful to hear. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Karen and his staff. My results made it worth every penny I paid for my NEW EYES. – Tammy


Thank you so much for the flowers. You and your staff are wonderful, caring individuals. – Stephanie


Thank you so very much for the beautiful basket of flowers. What a fine group of people you are! I so appreciate your thoughtfulness. – Pat


All of you are doing everything right. How lucky am I?!? Thank you – Sheryln


Thank you and the entire staff…… you guys are the best! – Lisa


Just wanted to give you a follow-up to yesterday’s IPL procedure. What a remarkable difference. Not sure if the results will last, as I know the skin is in a healing stage, but the texture and overall tightness of the skin is amazing. 90% of m smile lines are gone. I have to say that the results are much better than anticipated and aside from a little pinkness in my skin; you could never tell that anything was done, except for the results of course. Thanks to Dr. Karen and the staff I am looking forward to round #2.You guys are AWSOME!!!! – Bob


Thank you for the flowers and especially the great care and your kindness during surgery. I will definitely recommend you guys to my friends. I hope to have a few more things done in the future. P.s. tell my anesthesiologist Thanks, he was wonderful! – Donna


Just a small token in thanks for the swell job you did on my “problems.” My doctor in Reston, Dr. Sebastien says he remembers working on cases with you and thinks highly of you. Best wishes! – Jerry

Dr. Karen was very helpful with suggestions regarding how to repair scar tissue. He recommended a non-evasive approach as a first step with suggestions for additional procedures if needed. I appreciated his honesty and thoroughness with our questions. Your patients will not be disappointed! – Anonymous


I have been battling with acne since my teen years. I am now in my mid-thirties and have tried everything under the sun to reduce my acne scarring from over the counter to prescription topical medications as well as microdermabrasions. Nothing worked! I did some research online and read about the IPL laser treatments. After my first treatment I would stare in the mirror not believing the results I was witnessing. My scarring was visibly smaller. After 3 treatments, I feel more comfortable about myself and will even leave the house without makeup on. IPL has truly been life changing for me. Dr. Karen’s staff is extremely pleasant to work with and eased me into the process. I would highly recommend Dr. Karen’s office for any facial concerns someone may have. – Angel


Dr. K, Rita, Tiffany, and Nurse Barb- First, let me say how much I love all of you! I cannot imagine leaving my face in anyone elses hands. Second, you all have become like family to me and I sincerely appreciate your care and concern. Dr. K- what can I say, you are the man! Thank you again. – Nicole