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Telephone Consultation

When you call Exclusively Faces, our staff will spend time with you discussing what concerns you most. We will then arrange a consultation for you with Dr. Matthew Karen.

A credit card guarantees your appointment time with Dr. Karen. Your card will not be charged at the time of your visit. However, if you fail to show and do not cancel or reschedule your appointment within 24 hours, your credit card will be charged the standard consultation fee of $150.

As a courtesy, our receptionist will call with a reminder a day or two prior to your appointment.

Office Meeting

Our receptionist will welcome you to the office, and have you fill out patient information forms. These forms are available for you to download at the top of this page and will help speed the initial consultation process.

During your consultation, Dr. Karen will spend about 20 minutes with you to discuss your concerns. In addition, you will spend time with our patient care coordinator. Overall, expect to spend at least an hour with us at for your consultation.

After your initial questions are addressed, Dr. Karen will discuss what concerns you most. We will also take digital images, which will assist Dr. Karen in planning your surgery.

Once an understanding of your goals is reached, we will review your consultation and explain your fees for the surgery as well. At this time we will provide an estimate of the costs for anesthesia and for the use of a facility.

Digital Imaging

Exclusively Faces Cosmetic Surgery & MediSpa offers the latest advances in digital imaging. Dr. Karen utilizes imaging and morphing software, called Mirror Imaging. Preoperative pictures are taken with a highly advanced digital camera. These images are used for comparison with postoperative results.

Mirror imaging software lets Dr. Karen simulate what you might look like post-operatively. This helps clarify both his and your surgical expectations. By morphing and altering your pre-operative photo, Dr. Karen will show you what his pre-surgical planning can achieve.

Patients should understand that this technological breakthrough serves only as a simulation. Morphing results do not guarantee a determined surgical result. Rather they are used as a basis for patient and surgical expectations.

Procedures that may be illustrated include rhinoplasty, chin/malar implant, facelifts, forehead lifts, eyelid surgery, lip enhancement, as well as several other procedures. Best of all, there is no extra charge associated with digital imaging.

Operative Fees

After your consultation you will receive our estimate for surgical, anesthesia and facility fees. It is office policy not to quote surgical fees prior to your visit. Without a consultation, our staff will only be able give you a rough estimate. Each surgical procedure is uniquely tailored to each individual, and there is no standard price for any given procedure.

Exclusively Faces has a state-of-the-art operative treatment room. This offers a private and intimate setting for surgery. Dr. Karen’s OR is AAAHC accredited.

For general anesthesia procedures, a board certified anesthesiologist administers intravenous sedation while Dr. Karen utilizes local anesthesia. Healthy patients that are able to undergo three hours of sedation may have their surgery at the office in our AAAHC accredited OR.

Dr. Karen may also perform surgery using only local anesthesia. Only select patients and procedures can be performed under local anesthesia only.

The Surgi-Center offers comprehensive care to the surgical cosmetic patient, and it is where Dr. Karen performs most of his general surgery. The staff there is dedicated to the complete care of the cosmetic patient, ensuring confidentiality. The Surgi-Center is an ideal place to have your cosmetic procedure performed, if the surgery cannot be performed in Dr. Karen’s AAAHC OR. Estimates of the facility charge, as well as the anesthesia fee, will be provided to you by the Surgi-Center.

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